As an innovation consultant, I help organisations capitalize on their intellectual capital, (re)discover their entrepreneurial spirit, and translate ideas into products into profits. Whilst many organisations excel in developing operational processes, they often fail to develop a similarly methodical approach to engineering growth through innovation. In an increasingly global economy with highly mobile labour, capital, and knowledge, I help my clients to develop new products, business models, and processes in order to create and maintain sustainable growth. Sound murky? Drawing on my experiences as an entrepreneur, my services are focused around a few specific areas:
  • R&D Commercialisation Working with universities, spinouts, and corporate R&D teams to direct development effort/investment and to develop commercialisation plans.
  • Project Financing Conducting planning, compiling supporting materials, and obtaining access to both private- and public-sector financing.
  • Product Management and Testing Employing lean methodology to help shorten product development cycles and driving development based on actionable market-driven metrics.  Implementing agile development frameworks.
  • Innovation Consulting Working with management to identify and capitalize on new growth opportunities.
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