MHUG Ventures is run by Alexander McAndrew.

A quick bio:
  • I was born in the United States to a German mother and American father and spent most of my early days growing up between New Jersey,  Belgium, Germany, and England.
  • In 2004 I moved to the UK to obtain my BSc w/ Honours in Computer Science and Management Science from the University of Edinburgh.
  • In 2008 I co-founded and led the sports analysis company Spinsight, which was acquired by Match Analysis  in early 2012.  We developed and brought to market innovative video processing solutions that provide sports organisations with enhanced insight into their on-field sporting performances.
  • From 2013 until 2017 I incubated internal startup initiatives at Scotland’s largest mobile app development agency, resulting in a spinout which I lead as Managing Director and then Financial Director.
  • I am currently running MHUG Ventures from Frankfurt, Germany.

A bit more information about me…

Language and Travel

I was fortunate to grow up in a bilingual household, speaking both English and German fluently.  My times in Belgium and subsequent study allowed me to reach intermediate proficiency in French and advanced proficiency in Spanish.

When I get the chance, I enjoy to travel and to meet new people of different cultures along the way.

Business, Economics, and Entrepreneurship

I am always fascinated by the opportunity to effect positive change in the world through the powers of market forces.  I am therefore a firm believer in the merits of private enterprise and social entrepreneurship as a means of solving many of today’s and tomorrow’s problems.

I also believe that the first step in bettering the world we live in, be it through public service or private employment, is to understand the economic forces and incentives that govern human behaviour.

Food for Thought

I am increasingly focused on developing my understanding of the political, sociological, and economic theory that governs our daily life.  I am concerned that political polarity and global economic fragility  pose a significant threat to our future prosperity, liberty, and happiness.

Specific areas of interest include the future of the European project, the state of US federalism, and the future of work/labor, amongst others.  I always welcome a healthy debate!


I try to approach everyday with an open-mind, view every problem with an analytical eye, and act on the belief that integrity and respect are the key foundations for a prosperous professional life (sadly this seems increasingly uncommon).

My professional experiences to-date – ranging from founding and running a high-tech startup, to managing internal startup initiatives and creating spinout ventures – have given me a strong understanding of organisational development and management practices within early-stage and startup ventures.

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